We are passionate to build beautiful homes. We want our buyer's not only see But feel the beauty.

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New Idyllic Gateway Qasimabad is the new face of Hyderabad. Its futuristic location at entrance of Hyderabad promises great returns on investment. Efficiently designed and well planned utilities and amenities then rest of Hyderabad makes it an ideal location for future investment.

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Abdullah Group

At Builder, we are passionate about building beautiful homes, inside and out. We want our buyers to not just see, but feel that beauty. We realize that our customers are trusting us with one of their biggest investments. Over the past 10 years, we have spent most of our time in the planning of each home. Our commitment to complete customers satisfaction requires us to ensure that our customers can enjoy their investment to its fullest capacity for years to come.

Address : Abdullah Sports Towers, Main Bypass Road, Qasimabad,Hyderabad

Tel : +92 22 2670215,16

Mobile : 0336 344 3344

Email : [email protected]