The Family rooms play an important role in any home. Its where you go and relax and connect with family and kids. There was a time when the Television was the pivotal point of the living room, with every piece of furniture being arranged around it. 

Modern trend has been taken to take the TV away from the living room or to hide it completely. While some have taken it to the bedrooms and the family rooms, others have chosen for gorgeous media rooms and home theaters.

Gone are the days when a TV lounge was about a set of Television placed at a corner with sitting sofas arranged around it. Today a TV lounge is more of a sitting place. It has become a focal place in a house where the guests sit and enjoy classic old or modern shows on TV. 

People, these days spend a huge amount to rejoice the vibes of a TV lounge. Decorating the area around a TV is not an easy task since this area either makes or breaks the overall impression of a house. 

Here we have figured out few ideas to decorate your TV lounge without making this area feel cluttered. Choose the tricks which you feel easy and suitable according to your budget.

1-  Frame you TV

Framing a TV looks vintage and it shows your TV more than a showpiece. Framing is an affordable option and makes your TV wall look attractive. Whether you choose for a cheap wood or an expensive frame, it is a great solution to enhance the beauty of your TV lounge.

2-  Light up the area

If you don’t find the wall décor you love, you can place the lamps at the sides of your TV to give this area a vintage feel. Lamps bring balance and comfort to the space. 

3-  Show some artwork

A TV lounge is probably one of those areas where you can effortlessly show some artwork. You can hang wall paintings, a mix of frames, botanical prints or post cards at this area. They look perfect and add a unique look to the house.

4-  Built-in cabinets

The built-in cabinets have numerous benefits; they provide storage, you can display decor over the top of cabinet’s shelves and also you can fit in your TV inside these cabinets. This is a budget-friendly way to give a unique look to your TV without spending a huge amount.

5-  Choose unique sofa sets

A TV lounge is incomplete without a sitting place. You can choose for round sofa set and vintage centerpiece to make your guests feel comfortable.

Today, a TV room is main source of entertaining guests and one of the main rooms to grab that first warm impression. Make this area stand out through applying budget-friendly tricks without breaking the bank.

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