If you travel to Pakistan with an overseas phone, the first step should be registering it with the PTA. At the airport, you can conveniently do this at the customs counter. You can apply for PTA mobile registration online via the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System or visit any Cellular Mobile Operator (CMO) franchise in Pakistan if you missed registering your phone at the airport or opted to register it later.

Online mobile registration 

The official online portal for DIRBS is where you can register for PTA mobile. Here's how to register a mobile phone online with the PTA:

·      The first step is to visit the website.

·      Create your account by providing some required information, such as your email address, CNIC or NICOP number, and contact number. You can use this to create an account on PTA's website. Your account will also require a username and password.

·      The third step is to log in using the username and password you just created.

·The fourth step is to apply for a COC. Please enter your phone's IMEI, your contact number, and whether you are a Pakistani (Local/International/Dual National) or a foreigner (Traveled on Visa).

·      The PTA will contact you at the email address and phone number you provided on the registration form. You will receive a communication with a unique PSID and details about the duty you must pay. Depending on your phone's make and model, the duty amount will vary since the duty applies based on its C&F value.

·      Pay the dues or taxes within seven days using online banking, an ATM, or a branch of any of the major banks, such as the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Allied Bank (AB), Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) and other regular brances

·      Once the payment has cleared, the amount will be uploaded to your application, and you will hear back from the PTA within 1- 4 days.

You can register your IMEI number online with the PTA using this process.

Dual SIM phones registration with the PTA 

It was initially allowed only one IMEI to be registered, causing problems for dual SIM phone owners with unique IMEIs for both sim slots. To accommodate users with double or triple sim phones, the PTA extended the registration deadline for phones currently used in Pakistan. Registering your IMEIs with PTA makes your phone compatible with local SIM cards.

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