Some real estate ventures, no matter how good they are, seem to be shrugged off or swept under the rug until they receive the required attention due to a secondary reason. The same thing happened with University Town in Islamabad. When a city has a number of projects starting up, it is usually very difficult for all projects to receive the same amount of limelight. University Town gained attention when the new Islamabad airport opened up to public. This real estate ventures lies close to the recently inaugurated airport. 

Currently the best thing about this project is the fact that it includes some incredibly low priced plots. Who doesn't want a low priced investment option? Very simply put, these plots are relatively cheaper than other options in the market. That is a good enough deal to generate the required interest. The reason for this low price is the overall market situation and it has nothing to do with any personal attribute of University Town. 

In these past six months the value of properties in this project have gone up even higher due to the amazing location and more importantly the affordable rates. Currently possession is being offered in some parts of the housing society. The CEO of Deals & Deals said that the market situation is such that the prices are running low everywhere but it is the best time to cash in on it especially at University Town. According to our research the prices are as low as they will ever be, and you might want to go ahead with that investment so that you can make some good money on it. 

The current situation is such that the 5 Marla plots are available at a maximum of PKR 2 million, 10 Marla plots are being sold at a maximum of PKR 3 million and 1 kanal plots are available for PKR 5 million at the most. Many experienced real estate investors claim that this is the best option for low risk and low return investments. The basic idea is that the more area you purchase in this project, the greater return you can expect in the medium to long run. The main reason for this expectation is that University Town is surrounded by great infrastructural locations such as the Kashmir Highway and Faisal Town. 

In University Town all the basic necessities i.e. Water, Electricity, Sui Gas and Telephone lines are already there.

University Town (Pvt). Ltd. is committed to furnish the University Town with state-of-the-art civic amenities. It’s an actual view of University Town where more than 80% development has already been completed. Block ‘A, B & D’ has been developed and plots have been handed over to the allottees. Management Welcomes Everyone who is interested in real estate investment to visit the site of University town to see the development and what  has been developed and is continue to create an ultra-urbane environ in University Town

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