Decorating guest bedroom mostly comes as an afterthought while renovating your home. 

Of course, everyone wants to give a comfortable feel to the guests. The idea of having a spacious and cozy guest room gives them the opportunity to spread out. 

There are a few guest bedroom essentials which can make the space more welcoming and ensure that your guests feel comfortable. 

1     A luggage racks

Let them get rid of their heavy luggage and make them feel at home. 

Guests come with luggage and we all know the burden of unpacking it. To make your guests feel welcoming, add a luggage rack to your guest bedroom. It could be an elevated surface where they may access their packed bags. This helps your guests know that they can make use of the space without any hesitance.

2     Extra towel, blankets & pillows

Make sure to have an extra blanket and pillows to the guest bedroom. Everyone has different needs. Keeping these needs in mind, work some extra. Put extra body towels and blankets in the closet. If you don’t have sufficient storage, roll these items and place them in the basket near bed. 


3     Basic toiletries

Make sure to have toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap and lotion either in their room or the bathroom they’ll be using. You can add a personal touch by storing them in a small decorative basket and including a welcome note.

4     Books

What else can make a place feel more welcoming than placing a few books?

Set out an assortment of few books, local paper or pamphlet to make your guests aware of the highlights of the day. 


5     Art

A gallery wall will give the space character and make it feel more like a home without taking up valuable surface space. You can display your own art on the walls and make the guest bedroom more welcoming.

6     Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers in the guest bedroom are a small but mighty detail. They communicate and add a fresh feel to the room. So, make it an essential for your guest bedroom.


7     A full-length mirror

Your house guests will definitely appreciate having easy access to a full-length mirror, especially when they are living out of a suitcase. It's also a good idea to bring in plenty of greenery for a balanced, lively environment.

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