Cleaning errors are easier to make even if you are a cleaning pro. We often talk about cleaning tips and how to keep your room look polished. But in this article, we have decided to talk about common mistakes which people do while cleaning their rooms or furniture. 

Let’s discuss a few cleaning mistakes that are common among peoples.

1-   Spraying polish directly onto furniture

One of the biggest cleaning mistakes is to spray polish directly onto furniture. Furniture polish is hard to remove since it gets tougher with time.


It is better to first spray polish on a microfiber cloth and then wipe over furniture. It prevents stains and marks and you will consume less product this way.

2-   Dusting surfaces with a dry cloth

Most of us prefer to clean the dirt with dry cleaning cloth. While doing this, you are, in fact, pushing the dust around. The best way to wipe out the dust is to use a slightly damp cloth and then polishing the surface with a clean towel.

3-   Neglecting curtains and mattress cleaning

Most of us usually ignore the cleaning of curtains and mattress which is an extremely bad cleaning habit. Curtains and mattress collect dirt and dust as much as rugs and furniture.


You should vacuum your mattress at least once a month to keep it clean. For curtains, you can apply cleaning process every 1 to 2 months.

4-   Washing windows at wrong day

 Washing windows on the heat is one of biggest cleaning mistakes. This is because sun evaporates the cleaning solution which badly affects the window glass.  You'll be left with streaks and cleaning product build-up - not exactly the gleaming glass you had in mind!

5-   Not allowing cleaning products to sit

The cleaning products, if not sit properly, leave the crusty taps which look awkward. To escape it, make sure that your cleaning product sit on surfaces before scrubbing or wiping it out.

6-   Forgetting to clean your cleaning tools

Whatever tool you choose to clean surfaces, if you are neglecting to clean them, you are making a big mistake. Keeping the cleaning tools, mop, brushes clean is a must so make sure to clean them with sterile cloths and sponges to keep the tools dirt-free.


7-   Not emptying the Vacuum

Very important to clean the vacuum. Have you ever been vacuuming and noticed a weird smell? Yes, it could be your vacuum. If vacuum is not picking up debris and its bag or container filled up, it will not do the proper cleaning job. So, before you start vacuuming, make sure it is empty and bag has space to get the dirt. Make sure clean your vacuum regularly.


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