Kitchen is the sentiment part of a home. It needs to be clutter-free and organized so you may save your time while looking things around. 

Admit it or not but organizing a kitchen can be pretty difficult. When organizing things, you need to consider not only what they are used for, but how often you will use them. Streamline your kitchen and make it a joy to use by keeping only your most-used items at your fingertips.  

If you are someone who is suffering with keeping your kitchen clutter-free, this article is for you. Go through these simple ways to clean your kitchen mess and enjoy a smooth cooking experience.

1-   Keep it minimal

Minimalism works great for a kitchen. Forget about any sentimentality attached to the items you’ve kept all these years and give serious thought to what you actually use on a regular basis. Take a list of those items which can be replaced or thrown out. Set aside your most-used tools and appliances. 

2-   De-clutter kitchen shelves

You need to de-clutter kitchen counter tops to make your kitchen look cleaner. It could be tricky to figure out what to keep on kitchen counters. Do not leave plastic bags, small appliances, water bottles, napkins, baking sheets etc. above the counters.

3-   Use bowl rack and spoon stand

To make your kitchen look clean, consider placing a bowl rack and spoon stand to keep bowls and spoons organized. These items would keep your bowls organized and save them from falling over when stacking lots of bowls.

4-   Use baskets in kitchen pantry

Baskets and bins are the best and easiest way to organize food in your pantry. Organize your baskets by category, like snacks, baked goods, pasta, bread products, and so on. Slap a few labels on your baskets so you know what to look for when you’re cooking dinner or assembling lunch in a rush.

5-   Store grains in baking containers

Invest in a set of sleek glass or plastic containers and fill them with everything from dried parsley to brown sugar. You can store cereals, nuts or anything in these containers since they keep your food fresh and save your kitchen cabinets from mess.

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