Home Garage is a very functional part of your home. Although many people store various kind of items in their garage if its indoor and covered but there are certain items which should not be stored there. 

To keep your garage safe from mice, moisture, dust and other harmful factors, be very careful about what you stash in your garage. Garages are always first visual point which give home’s beauty glimpse

Here are a few items which you should never store in your garage in order to keep this space cleaner and more functional and practical.

1-   Preserved food

Never store canned or preserved food in the garage. Many people buy these items in bulk and find it convenient to store their canned food in their garages. But keep in mind that temperature fluctuations can produce harmful bacteria in canned goods. Also, the little critters can easily work their way into cereal boxes and other cardboard packaging.

2-   Books

Storing your extra books in the garage is not a good thing to do. The bugs which grow at the places like garage can damage the binding of your books. Some insects thrive and grow in damp environments such as garages and love to feast on starchy substance like glue that binds books. Plan a bookcase anywhere other than garage to keep your books safer for long time.

3-   Firewood

With the cord of wood, come a large number of pests which can infiltrate your garage and migrate into your home. Never think of storing the excessive firewood inside of your garage.

4-   Wood furniture

Many of us keep our antique and unused furniture pieces in the garage to keep these pieces safe. Temperature and humidity fluctuations wreak havoc on wood, causing its grain to alternately swell and contract. It can cause forever damage to the furniture.

5-   Electronics

Electronics and micro technology items can be dangerous when exposed to temperature extremes. If your garage isn’t temperature-controlled, it can reach temperatures well above that range, causing your electronics to work extra hard, wasting energy and adding costs to your electric bill. It is recommended to store electronics like DVD, TV and stereos in your garage only if these items are free of humidity. 

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