It’s too hot!  The kind of heat waves that hits our region now is rough, scorching, boiling, roasting and unbearable in summer. With rising temperature, it sounds only impossible to stay cool without an air conditioner-AC or a room cooler. 

Air conditioners are an absolute necessity during summer. But if you like going the natural way here are some summer tricks to keep your home and interiors cool and comfortable


These smart tricks can help you preserve the environment and help in creating a budget-friendly summer living


1.Cotton to the rescue

Replace all your polyester, satin or silk bedsheets, pillows with cotton ones. Also choose and pick lighter shades as they absorb and grip less heat. Besides that, also choose nightwear that's breezy and comfy and relaxing.


2. Pull Away the Heat

Discarded and unwanted heat mainly enters the home through windows, open spaces and advancing in shades. Curtains can help lower indoor temperature immensely. Keep your blinds closed from morning to early evening and use curtains like cotton, sheers, jute screens or bamboo shades. Dark artificial drapes aren’t advisable in summer as cannot protect form heat waves. Instead, choose white, muted or pastel colors that are made of light and airy materials 


3. Create ventilation
Rooms can get pretty stuffy inside when there is no proper source of cross ventilation or airing. In case, your room does not have one too, you can actually create one. Pace a fan across a door or a window, so that a cross breeze is created by the wind outside and the fan. To better the results, you can place multiple fans in the room to create a super cool airflow. Since temperatures drop during summer, make sure you keep the windows open especially at night to let the cool breeze in.


4. Summer food

Planning a summer-specific food habit is a great strategy to say goodbye to body heat. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, musk melon, grapes, oranges and vegetables like cucumber, radishes, lettuce, leafy greens and herbs like mint can help you stay cool and energized – even when the heat turns up and temperature rises.

5. Curtains that breathe

With the harsh and tough summer sun knocking at the windows, it is important to keep the interiors of your home as light and airy as possible. choose for cottons and sheers especially in white or pastel colours, while selecting curtains or layer your windows with jute screens and bamboo shades.

They promote ventilation and airflow in the room. They can also be used to boost up a room with a refreshing change of sheets.


6. Water to the rescue
The classic and definitive old formula and followed and continue by many still, take a cold water shower. Nothing beats that when it comes to beating the heat. Besides, also load up on cold water because staying hydrated will also help you feel less hot in summer

7. Grow the Nature

Strategically placed plants, shrubs and vines function as living air conditioners and can effectively cool a home. Plant shady trees and plants on east and west sides of the house to block out the sun’s direct rays.

Growing plants and creepers along staircase railings, balcony grills or indoor screens and dividers can also help keep the shaded area beneath them as much as 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding areas.


Green plants and window planters can help humidify and cool the hot air flowing in your home and your room. 


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