Home staging is the preparation of a house or apartment for sale in the current real estate market. Also, home staging is an art designed to show off your home in its best light. By utilizing your own furniture in a new way, swapping outdated pieces for show-ready ones, or added touches of outdoor life where buyers focus on its features rather than its flaws.


The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by insuring it is a welcoming, attractive product that any buyer can see himself/herself living in and, thus, desire to purchase. 

Staging requires a monetary investment into selling what are some people's greatest investment, their home and property. So, it is not just decorating, but also needs to include an understanding of how to find the fairness in that home and property, where the Real Estate market is for that home, in that neighborhood, city or area, so the homeowner can choose where to make those investments. Comparable houses for sale on the market in the area also needs to be considered to know how to stage the home so it sells quickly and for more money. Return on Investment is the purpose of Staging.

As for simple decorating to stage, people often use art, painting, accessories, lights, greenery, and carpet to stage the home to give potential buyers a more attractive first impression of the property. They also rearrange or "temporarily replace" furniture. Properly executed staging leads the eye to attractive features, while down-playing flaws.


Home staging Benefits

It all depends on the client and their imagination. A good staged property can work wonders for clients who can’t picture the potential for a space in a home. Often, staged properties or well-furnished properties get a lot of interest from potential buyers who are drawn to the artistic and the styling of the home.

Staging can look good in an empty property. Sometimes, as odd as it sounds, having furniture in a room can make it appear bigger because it's easier to visualize the dimensions and what may fit. Often, buyers or renters will look at an empty room and be left with doubts about what would fit there. Home staging could lead to a quicker sale or rental time and potentially a higher price.

 It is also a balance of effectively creating brand guidelines for people’s homes and creating an aspirational space, while taking a client's needs into account.

Here are some ideas how to stage your home & property so every inch of your house is ready to shine to your potential buyers

Remove Mess, Make Storage

If things haven’t used it in years, give it to someone who can use them. Whether it’s in the storeroom, storage, basement, closets or kitchen cabinets, move the extra out and modernize the rest. Overwhelm buyers with the simplicity of the space, not a jumble of mess and disorder.

Natural Light In

Most buyers and property seekers want to see that a home has plenty of natural light. Remove heavy draperies, curtains and open up the blinds. Hide an unattractive view with sheer, utter window coverings that still allow in light.

Striking Walls

To ensure your home appeals to the widest audience possible, stick with sophisticated and classy neutrals for the most widely used paint colors.

Just a few coats of paint can transform a dated space, giving it a more modern feel. Try warmer neutrals like colored living room or a honey-colored hallway.

Don’t Block walkways

Keep natural walkways clear and arrange furniture in conversation areas that frame outside views rather than obstruct, hinder or block potential buyers or visitors

Kitchen Decoration

You need to show buyers that your kitchen is a bright, sunny, clean and fresh space where the whole family can come together to enjoy delicious meals and happy guests with fancy cooking creations and formations.

Bathroom Decoration

You don’t need to have the perfect bathroom in order to create the kind of luxurious and comfortable feel found at high-end places. A few refined additions and tweaks can help buyers see your bathroom as a soothing and restful space where they can find solitude after a long day and get better feelings

Outdoor Areas

When it comes to performance a house, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside the house. In addition to keeping the home garden and lawn beautifully trimmed, keep clean garage and side spaces. Show the exterior of your home a little love by giving it a good once-over. Add a new coat of paint to the siding, doors or garage if they need it. While you are at it, give that dull front door a makeover with a fresh layer of color, lay out a new mat, and side it with flowers that will weather the season well and look beautiful.


There are some cases where a staged property can block a buyer's vision and they can’t see past the furniture and decor that is right in front of them to make space for the visions of their own homeIf the property is currently occupied by the seller, landlord or a renter, it is advisable that it is kept as clean and tidy as possible for marketing and, of course, for viewings taking place.


Home staging is the process of preparing, packaging and presenting your home for sale or rent, ensuring it appeals to the widest possible audience and sells or rents for the highest possible price soon.


Research shows that home staging and properly decoration can reduce a listing's time on the market by one third to half and could raise as much as 8% to 18% more than an empty property or a home not properly maintained, staged or decorated.


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