The renewable energy resources are high in demand due to the numerous benefits they produce for the environment. But still when it comes to installing solar panels on the roofs, many homeowners are concerned about the safety, cost and installation process. 

Besides being a sustainable solution to the chaos created by increased global warming and climatic disturbance, there are certain myths and misconceptions regarding solar energy. Here we have debunked common myths which people mostly have about the consumption of solar power. 

Myth#1: Solar energy system is extremely expensive

When it comes to solar system, one of the major misconceptions that people have is its COST. Usually homeowners consider it an expensive solution but the reality is quite different.

During the past few years, the investment in solar panels has largely increased due to the increased prices of per unit electricity. Also, the price of solar panels in Pakistan differs from one to another company. There are distributors and manufacturers of solar panels and only a few companies are genuinely working in the solar energy field producing viable end-to-end solutions. 

Solar system is way too affordable considering the savings it is generated through energy storage units. The cost also depends upon the size of the house and the number of units required. It is always recommended to do your research, find out exactly how many solar units do you require, and look for discounts if any solar company is offering. 

Myth#2: Solar system is only effective in the warm weather

Absolutely not!

Solar panels are effective and work in all kinds of climates. Keep in mind that they collect sunlight and not heat – making them effective even when the climate is snowy and rainy. 

To use the panels in night, the battery storage is connected which produces cleaner energy backup as compared to conventional generators. 

Myth#3: The maintenance of solar panels is too complicated

The installation of solar panels is a smooth process if you have chosen the right company. The solar panels are made to withstand every climatic condition. You can also clean the dust and debris out of the panels by your own without any professional assistance. 

The companies, who thoroughly cover the installation and maintenance of solar systems, provide regular maintenance of solar panels after every six months. 

Myth#4: Installing solar panels can damage roof

The homeowners are usually concerned about the damage produced due to the installation of solar panels. However, it is necessary to mention that solar panels are not directly attached to the roof and can be removed later. If your solar panels are installed the right way, it would never cause a roof leak. The skids upon which the panels are mounted can be easily removed and do not produce any damage to the roof. 

Myth#5: Solar panels will decrease the value of a property

You will be surprised to know that solar panels largely enhance a property’s value.

Various studies have shown that homes with solar panels installed sell 20% faster. The panels attract more buyers due to its long-term substantial benefits. 

These misconceptions are generated due to the lack of knowledge among the people of Pakistan. The need of the time is to make people aware of how burning of fossil fuels is devastatingly affecting the environment. The solar energy is a sustainable solution for cleaner and better surroundings and this is the time to invest into solar systems for a better Pakistan.  

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