People living in the northern areas of Pakistan or anywhere else in the country where it snows are familiar with getting stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a big pile of snow. Occasionally, drivers can handle such situations on their own and handle everything quite tactfully, while other times, they must take the help of a fellow driver. There are, however, some people who are lucky enough to receive immediate assistance, while others are smart enough to handle the challenge on their own. When your car gets stuck in the snow, we have compiled a list of intelligent techniques that you can use to rescue it without losing your cool! 

Building on our previous discussion of how to drive safely in the snow, here's our take on how to free your car when it's snowed in. 

Snow Stuck car? Here is what to do:

The first thing to remember is that there is always a way out. You can overcome this snowy conundrum by keeping calm and staying composed and by following these simple steps: 

Make sure the path around the tires is clean:

It would be best if you started clearing your car of snow as soon as possible. Methods and rules aren't set in stone. To free your vehicle's tires, you must remove the snow surrounding them. Ensure that the snow is removed from the tire treads' cavities. Leave a few feet of space at the front and rear to ensure your car can move freely. 

Remove snow from your car:

Your next step is to rock your car to get it unstuck. How would you go about doing that? The process is simple; remember the three steps: "drive, reverse, and repeat." While doing this, ensure you don't wreck your transmission. When you step on the brake, you must be extremely careful. Just before changing gears, you can shift to neutral for a second. 

Remove the gas pedal from the floor:

Many experts say, "Momentum sets you free, not power," which means you should never floor the gas pedal, no matter how tempted you are. For a moment, give your vehicle some gas and gradually let it off. Keep a cool head and keep your foot on the pedal. Repeating this step will enhance the "rocking motion," so keep doing it until you understand it. 

Traction needed under the wheels:

If you still can't get your car out of the snow, you can get more traction under your wheels. You will need to turn off the traction control feature to take complete control of your car. It would help if you used traction control only when stuck in snow since it prevents the tires from spinning. If you're driving during snowfall, ensure the feature is turned on. 

However, if you are ever stuck in the snow, it is best to turn it off to have more control over your tires. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

During snowfall, it is not a good idea to drive alone. Make sure you keep a family member or a few people from work in your carpool. A blizzard is a blessing if you have people who can help push your car out of the snow. In addition, you can ask for help from friendly onlookers on the road or call someone for assistance. 

You can get additional momentum by gently pressing the gas pedal when people push your car. To ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers, check a few things. Make sure your vehicle is not in forward gear. To prevent injuries to people pushing the car, ensure the ground isn't slippery.

Keep a cool head and think carefully no matter what you do. Our vehicles are among your most valuable assets, but they shouldn't lead you to harm yourself or those with you. If everything else fails, it is always possible to lock your car and leave a scene. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is best to seek professional help.

It may sound thrilling to drive in the snow, but it's also dangerous. When your local weather forecast warns of a snowstorm, avoid getting out in the snowfall. Consider working from home when you have something urgent that needs your attention.

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