The Phase III project is one of the most well-liked and alluring places for locals thanks to its gorgeous terrain, year-round sunshine, and luxury apartments. At our commercial zone in the Attock Metropolis bypass, you may unwind and take in the beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes while also feeling the pulsating pace of the modern city.

For the convenience of the customers, the Phase III site offers the Best Price Guarantee for both commercial and residential plots with a combination of features and perks. The construction intelligence idea that was used to build the Phase III site may be contextualized with our projections for future project activity, rich market data and research, competition intelligence, and corporate activities. We offer more information than any other company in this sector, including data, insight, analysis, and commentary. Our information is built to help our clients comprehend and take advantage of market trends and commercial demands.

Features & Amenities

·      Electricity

·      Sui Gas

·      Telephone

·      Sewerage

·      Water Supply

·      Boundary wall with barbed wire

·      Road Networks

·      Footpaths

·      Expressways

·      Utilities

·      Parks

·      Garbage Disposal

·      Commercial Zone

·      Retail Area

·      Graveyard

·      Street Lights

·      Security System

·      Maintenance Services


·      Nearby Schools

·      Nearby Restaurants

·      Nearby hospitals

·      Nearby Shopping Mall

·      Nearby Public Transport

Payment Plan and Area size

Residential Plots(Block J)

Area:5.56 Marla

Price:13 Lakh

Residential Plots(Block J)

Area:8 Marla

Price:19 Lakh

Residential Plots(Block J)

Area:10.89 Marla

Price:25 Lakh

Residential Plots(Block K)

Area:5.56 Marla

Price:14 Lakh

Residential Plots(Block K)

Area:8 Marla

Price:20 Lakh

Residential Plots(Block K)

Area:10.89 Marla

Price:27 Lakh


Mehria real estate investment provides upscale home developments in Attock City. It is a cooperative platform where buyers and sellers can ultimately profit from the dividends of their open transactions.

Mehria blends a strict focus on excellent building with a commitment to first-rate client care. 

We exhibit the capacity to comprehend and fully implement the scope of each project by paying attention to the needs of our clients and adapting our talents to meet these needs. 

Mehria is particularly suited to take on even the most complex tasks because to its workforce of over 100 professionals and cutting-edge machinery and equipment

The Mehria has a strong emphasis on teamwork, which is fostered by upper-level management staff and project managers who go above and beyond the call of duty to personally contribute to the completion of all of our significant projects. Our people's experience assures a consistent performance that will keep us moving forward in the future from the ground up with Values, Honesty, professionalism, and morality.


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