Well-lit kitchens are not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. Your ceiling fixtures or chandeliers do not provide enough ambient lighting to illuminate the entire room. You should also avoid fancy pendant lights and wall sconces, which add only a little to the practicality of your cooking space. How can you brighten up your kitchen without spending a lot of money? It would be best if you looked into under-cabinet lighting ideas.

Under-cabinet lighting may be subtle, but it can brighten up your counter tops, making the precision tasks of slicing and chopping a lot easier and safer. The cost of these is also relatively low. 

The best under-cabinet lighting ideas for your kitchen will give your kitchen an instant and budget-friendly makeover since we've already discussed which type of lighting is suitable for each room in your house. 

Ideas for under cabinet lighting 

Lighting under cabinets is one of the most popular ways to brighten any kitchen.

Lighting with Led Stripes 

Mounted LED strip lights are the best under-cabinet lighting idea if you're looking for an affordable solution. The best type of kitchen lighting can be achieved with these budget-friendly strips. 

Small LED bulbs are attached to a rope-like strip with peel-and-stick tape at the back. It's just a matter of measuring the space under your cabinet and cutting the strips accordingly. Attach them to the shelves under the counter tops. You can light up your workspace by plugging the cord into an electrical outlet.

A Puck Light 

If you're looking for wireless under-cabinet lighting, puck lights are another great option for brightening your kitchen. 

These round lights emit focused task lighting using halogen or LED bulbs. A puck light is typically battery-operated and doesn't require wire extensions. A screwdriver or suitable adhesive is all you need to install them under your cabinets. 

A single tap turns on and off these lights. The market may also offer some newer models that can be controlled remotely.

Lights in Fluorescent Tube 

The modern tube lights are relatively compact and emit a cooler and brighter light than the large fluorescent tubes that adorn the walls of every Pakistani home back in the 90s. Plug in their cords to the nearest electrical outlet under your cabinets, and you're good to go. 

While fluorescent tube lights don't dim like puck lights or LED strips, they require more space. 

Under cabinet lighting Blubs Types 

The variety of light bulbs available today makes choosing the right one for your home difficult. Understanding each option's differences is important to make a wise decision.

Light bulbs are usually available in Pakistani hardware stores in four main types: 

Lightbulb in Candle Scents 

They are inexpensive and cast a warm, bright light. However, their lifespan is shorter than that of other types of bulbs.

Bulbs with Halogen 

The light they emit is bright, crisp, white, and smaller. Under-cabinet lighting in kitchens is most commonly done with halogen bulbs.

Bulbs With LEDS 

Energy consumption and heat generation are significantly lower with these bulbs. LED under-cabinet lights last the longest, even though they are relatively expensive.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs 

A fluorescent light bulb can be found in various shapes, sizes, colors, and temperatures. Also, they last a long time and are energy-efficient.

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