With today’s lifestyle being too much dependent upon the materials and technology, it becomes the need of hour to reduce the waste output. Reducing waste is not only eco-friendly but also economical. You can save yourself a considerable amount of money if you understand the importance of recycling and reusing. 

About 9 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year that drastically affects the marine life and produces harmful effects on human health. Reducing waste can create long lasting and healthy results on human health.

In Pakistan, we have observed very positive changes in people’s lifestyle which is very welcoming towards an eco-friendly environment. Little changes such as replacing plastic bags with reusable cloth bags or recycling old bottles can create big difference in the waste output. 

Whether you want to have a healthy lifestyle or are just intended to produce healthy effects on nature, there are few simple things which you can opt for. 

Read these simple yet effective tips for reducing waste and see how you can implement these in your daily life routine.

1-    Use biodegradable bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic one. Switch to a reusable razor instead of disposable razors.

2-    Make use of reusable cloth bags while shopping. If not available in the shop, bring your own cloth bag to pack your stuff.

3-    Do not dispose off your shoe boxes. Instead use them to store old papers or documents.

4-    Keep glass straw with you wherever you go and replace it with the regular plastic straw. 

5-    Try to purchase secondhand items as these products are economical and do not disturb the environment.

6-    Start relying on reusable containers for storing food and other items.

7-    Buying high-quality items and repairing them when necessary is so much better than purchasing cheap and disposable stuff.

8-    Stop using disposable plates since the waste created by plastic utensils is not worth it. 

9-    Replace plastic bottles with reusable bottles.

10- Make use of handkerchief instead of tissues. Skip paper towels as well.

11- Avoid eating canned or packaged food.

12- Use rechargeable batteries instead of traditional ones.

13- Do not waste your food. Only buy the groceries that you will eat.

14- Make DIY homemade beauty products instead of buying new.

15- Buy biodegradable recycled toilet paper, paper towel and tissues.

Start with one change and once it becomes a part of your routine, you can pick another one. Together we can create a big difference in reducing waste and creating a peaceful and eco-friendly atmosphere.  

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