Capital Development Authority
 (CDA) has granted work for development of Service Road (South) Blue Area from ninth Avenue to F-10 Roundabout. The street is being built regarding advancement of G-9/F-9 bit of Blue Area. NIT of the venture was 243.912 million rupees, in any case, because of sound rivalry the least offer adding up to rupees 148.786 million which is 39% beneath the assessed the expense was acknowledged. 


The development of Service Road (South) Blue Area from ninth Avenue to F-10 Roundabout is essential for far reaching improvement of New Blue Area in accordance with strategy of the administration to advance development industry. The PC-I adding up to 525.141 million rupees of the undertaking advancement of new Blue Area was endorsed in 47th gathering of the CDA-DWP. The task is meant to grow new blue region completely. The significant segments which will be secured under this undertaking incorporate development of Road Work, Drainage, Footpaths, insurance and holding works, courses, water gracefully, Sewerage framework, arranging works, zap works and arrangement of other united offices in New Blue Area. 


In July 2020 Capital Development Authority sold 12 business plots from New Blue Area worth more than 17 billion rupees. Thus, business plots from New Blue Area were sold during closeout of business plots in September 2020 too. In the two closeouts, the financial specialists demonstrated their staggering interest. In like manner, as guaranteed, Capital Development Authority has officially started advancement works in the region with the goal that speculators might not need to confront any issue.

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