Many Pakistanis and other traveler were denied passage into Dubai, UAE in the wake of neglecting to meet visit visa necessities, for example, confirmation of assets, return ticket and hotel reservation or relative contact. 

The travelers showed up at Dubai International Airport on board flights worked by Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Air Blue and others. A group of 545 Pakistanis and around 200 others were halted at the air terminal. 

The bringing home cycle has started and in any event 169 Pakistanis have been flown back to their nation of origin up until this point. 

Travelers were approached to show that they had at least Dh2,000 to help their remain and other visit visa section necessities, which they failed to provide

Dubai's General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs stated: "few travelers from Pakistan were denied section at Dubai International Airport due to rebelliousness with passage prerequisites for visit visas." 

The authority said most of travelers, who are agreeable with visa administers and show up at Dubai International Airport, face no delay on passage. 

UAE laws express that vacationer and visit visa holders must have a return aircraft ticket, adequate assets during their remain, hotel reservation or address and contact of the overall they are remaining with.

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