Prime Minster of Pakistan Imran Khan on Monday initiated the nation's first computerized installment framework called "Raast", which he said would help the nation's proper economy and keep payment track record.


The Prime Minster said this while addressing a ceremony in Nation’s Capital City Islamabad to launch digital payment system which is part of Digital Pakistan program planned to make poor and weak portions of the general public piece of formal economy.


This is a major step towards fully utilizing country’s prospective and it will transform the country’s cash economy to digital and boost our tax collection, Prime Minister said. Pakistan is among the lowest tax collectors in the world a population of 220 million, only two million people were taxpayers.


The recently launched computerized framework will likewise empower secure, productive and straightforward monetary exchanges and payment transitions in the country to streamline the payment issues.


The Prime Minster praised the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the way it connected abroad Pakistanis and the manner in which settlements expanded and coordinated to boost the economy.


It also is a major accomplishment of the State Bank of Pakistan that our abroad Pakistanis who sent cash through non-formal channels are currently attempting to send through proper channels and this system would be beneficial for economy and provide smooth path for them.


With Raast digital payment set up, people, private ventures and government organizations will have the option to execute consistently and effortlessly paying their regular small transitions for underlying accounts and conversions


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