Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said on Thursday that Pakistan will have the World Climate Day on June 5th and feature it means it has taken to manage environmental change and will continue to work towards improvement to get the required target. 


"The occasion is an acknowledgment that Pakistan is among the couple of nations taking genuine measures to adapt to the test of a dangerous atmospheric devotion," the Prime Minister Imran Khan said while tending to a service in Haripur regarding the Ten Billion Tree Wave Program. 


"The effect of environmental change can be turned around with the will to do likewise," he commented. Our endeavors, the executive added, are pointed toward giving a superior and secure future to our coming ages. 


"The current and a progression of different ventures are important for a similar exertion. These incorporate the foundation of public parks and rebuilding of wetlands and natural life." 


Prime Minister Imran Khan additionally trusted that the ventures will create open positions and assume a part in the advancement of the travel industry.

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