In a another initiative, Prime Minster of Pakistan, Imran Khan announced new “Roshan Apna Ghar” plan for abroad Pakistanis In which abroad living Pakistanis would now be able to buy or get financing for a house in Pakistan through Roshan Digital Account to build the desired home. This will help us attract a lot of money because Pakistan needs dollars and overseas Pakistanis are the only source to decrease the gap between the country’s exports and imports, he said.


Prime Minister Imran Khan featured that one of the significant obstacles to venture from abroad Pakistanis was debasement in the nation and he it would help the public authority draw expected venture from millions of Pakistanis living abroad.


PM noticed that there was an enormous land grabbers issues against whom the public authority was pursuing and expediting process to release occupied land on top priorities basis 

The PM said that specifying what separates Roshan Apna Ghar, banks were associated with the plan which will add to the certainty of abroad Pakistanis.


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