Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that utilization of innovation will assist with overcoming land grabbers as presently anybody can get data of plots and different terrains on the web. 


Tending to the starting function of the cadastral guide of Islamabad, the executive said that the digitalization of land record will get straightforwardness move of properties. He additionally said that everybody will actually want to check their plot online because of the digitization of land record. 


Imran Khan said cadastral planning of Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi will be finished by November this year. The cadastral planning project has been imagined and motivated by vision of the PM to modernize the old Patwari framework into modernized advanced online framework integrated with technology.


Imran Khan referenced that mafia doesn't need land records to be modernized, adding that without computerization of land records, the influential individuals have been benefitted. "Abroad Pakistanis were generally influenced by the unlawful control of properties. On the off chance that they give a helpful climate to abroad Pakistanis, they will put resources into their country," he added. 


Prime Minister Imran Khan also further said that the public authority land worth of billion rupees have been recovered for three years adding that the land worth of 300 billion rupees in Islamabad and huge sections of land place where there is backwoods were snatched by the land mafia and land grabbers." 


He likewise kept up with that the digitalization of land record will assist check with landing record treating and guarantee observing of development through symbolism. "This will likewise assist abroad Pakistani with checking on the web data before acquisition of land in Islamabad. The new innovative framework would likewise help recognize the unlawful pivoting of state land, infringement at  Nullah and woods," Prime Minister of Pakistan said.


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