Pakistan Railways will begin a grand operation from coming Monday for the removal of encroachments along both tracks of the Karachi Circular Railway, confirmed by officials.
The encroachments removal decision was taken after Justice Gulzar Ahmed of the Supreme Court ordered authorities to immediately remove illegal occupancy from railway lines and restore the KCR.
Railways officials told that they have already started the implementation of Supreme Court’s orders and that they will ensure to remove all encroachments from Karachi Circular Railway
The Deputy Commissioners have been directed to remove encroachments to clear the route of the KCR as well as the land in their relevant areas after the divisional superintendent of Pakistan Railways said that most of its land was encroached upon.
The Karachi Circular Railway was commissioned in 1964 to assist employees to travel among different stations.
The Karachi Circular Railways remained the public transport of choice for the people of Karachi till 1984 when the number of its trains were reduced. Reasons for the move included lack of maintenance and repair, a deep gap between rising expenditure due to higher fuel and other operational costs.