Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has stated that electronic voting machines are in use around the world and will aid in the elimination of vote fraud in Pakistan. 


Prime minister said it was a great joy yesterday after overseas Pakistanis were given the right to vote, while speaking at the opening of a website to help them get their power of attorney digitally authenticated without hassle. 


He stated that overseas Pakistanis are our most valuable asset, but  their difficulties and issues have not been resolved in the past, and that their plots of land have been confiscated, occupied. 


PM Imran Khan claimed that giving foreign Pakistanis the ability to vote, as guaranteed by Wednesday's legislation, would not only increase their relevance but also make them more powerful and be in the system.


Prime MinIster Imran Khan claimed that in a democracy, voters might use their vote to keep a check on their government. Because the number of foreign Pakistanis is estimated to be around nine million, governments will be obligated to give them properly value. 


Additionally, he stated that the use of EVMs in elections was made feasible by NADRA, which made it simpler to ensure that elections were conducted using the most up-to-date technology. 


Prime Minister claimed that because Information technology had altered the world, not using it would be a foolish approach.


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