Mayor of Karachi and the local administration have been given a 15 days long deadline to clear all the encroachments in the city. Karachi has had a long standing problem of all sorts of encroachments on many major roads of the city. 


There are many reasons why these encroachments are a total and complete nuisance for the residents and the government of this city. All of saddar town of Karachi is full of encroachers. Wasim Akhtar, the mayor of Karachi, assured that 70% of Empress Market has been cleared but Chief Justice Pakistan ordered that all the surrounding area within the vicinity of saddar should be cleared out. 


Mayor of Karachi claimed that many NGOs and welfare organizations feed poor people on the footpaths in saddar and other areas, this will most probably reduce the amount of acts of kindness in the city. But the Chief Justice countered that with saying that these NGOs will be provided with an alternate location.