A 286-foot tall public art mural, painting is made by Italian artist Giuseppe Percivati on the wall of TPL Tower (Centrepoint) Karachi.  This public art installation is named as ‘Rising Blue’ and claims to be the largest mural art in the world. 

‘Rising Blue’ is a part of International Public Art Festival (IPAF) which is an initiative of ‘I Am Karachi’. The art represents the message of peace and friendship and at the same time, it depicts the current alarming situation of the environment. 

Percivati said that the project took nine days to get completed but months for preparation. The chairman of IPAF said that this world’s largest mural traces the stunning Karachi coastline and describes the respect of artwork in the country. The subject behind the mural art was the conservation of mangroves in Pakistan. He further added that the mangroves supported Pakistan’s ecosystem as a breeding ground for marine life and birds. 

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