No matter where you go in Karachi, you can see roads full of illegal construction, carts occupying more than half of the streets and homeless people sprawled on the middle of the footpaths. Besides this we as Karachiites have started treating our roads as junkyards too. All sorts of dump is off loaded absolutely anywhere and then burned to fill the city with the most dangerous air. 

On the orders of the Chief Justice, Karachi's mayor Mr Waseem is rushing through the anti-encroachment drive of the city's metropolis, Saddar. Sunday marked the seventh day since the start of this one of a kind drive where heavy machinery was used to remove the dried fruits, cloth and bird market. The encroachments were removed within a few hours but the area has been planned to be restored to its previous glory within the upcoming 15 days. 

The total number of illegal shops that were ruining the look of this once regal looking area was 1043. All these encroachments were demolished and KMC has planned to set up police camps in the area for the near future to ensure that the illegal shops do not make a return on the horizon. The mayor made certain statements regarding this land. He said that the original plans for the land surrounding the market included the construction of parks, but shop owner took it over and there was no going back ever since. Also, a list of the affected shop owners has been made and alternative arrangements will be provided for them to continue their livelihood.